Tips on Cleaning Up After Pets

Dogs pee indoors. It’s a part of life that can become quite a nuisance if not dealt with. If your dogs urine isn’t entirely picked up off your carpet, you can expect your dog to do it again, marking their territory. Dogs use their urine to show other dogs dominance, so it’s in their nature to pee everywhere. Of course, if your dog is spayed or neutered, they won’t pee indoors at much, but it still happens every once and awhile. Below are some tips on how to prevent your doing from peeing inside your home.

  • Neuter or spay your dog, as this will reduce the amount that the dogs pee indoors.

  • Potty train your puppy as early as possible.

  • Distinguish right from wrong. If your dog pees outside, give them a treat. If they do their business in doors, correct them immediately.

  • Confine your dog to certain areas of your home, kind of like a baby.

Properly Cleaning Urine:

Clean up the mess as soon as possible! Extraction is key.

Clean-up mix:

  • Distilled white

  • Water

  • Spray bottle

  • White cloths/towels

  • Cold water

Pour about 4 capfuls of distilled white vinegar into a spray bottle filled almost 3/4 with water and gently shake. Extract the urine with the white cloths as much as you possibly can, using a solid blotting motion. Move the cloth to a clean piece of towel when a good amount of urine is soaked up. Get as much urine out as possible with the white cloth before you start spraying. Put the spray bottle against the carpet and generously spray the stain, and allow the solution to get into the carpet pad. Let the solution sit for a minute. Now pour the cold water onto the stain spot and blot it out just like the urine.

Carpet Cleaning Scripps Ranch

Pet stains can be the most unpredictable stains when it comes to carpet cleaning. It routine for me to hear from my customers, “the stains just come back”. yes they do but why? When your pet has an accident, the urine being a surfactant will penetrate the carpet and absorb straight into the pad.

Once this happens the owner usually will think they got it all up by pressure blotting the spot but in reality the urine is being pressed deeper into the pad like a sponge. Eventually the urine will go through a natural evaporation process and wick up to the surface.

Most carpet cleaners will come in and clean the carpet And spray on a “pet treatment”. Sometimes that just not enough especially if the spray isn’t addressing the contamination in the padding. Within days the stain resurfaces and the client isn’t very happy knowing they paid for a pet treatment and received minimal results.

Here at Socal Steam Clean, we address the stain from top to bottom by saturating the affected area with a natural enzyme that counteracts the odor and neutralizes the stain. Once the product has Taken full action we use a sub floor extraction system to remove the treatment along with the pet contamination. Give us a call and try us out. You won’t be disappointed.