Finding an exceptional carpet cleaning company requires proper research. Comparing different carpet cleaning companies that service your neighborhood is important so that you get the very best for your time and money.

Unsuspecting clients are tricked all the time because they invest their trust in carpet cleaning companies without doing the proper research beforehand. Like everything else in this world, not all carpet cleaning companies are the same. There’s always a best choice to be made, so don’t just take the first choice that falls on your lap.

SoCal Steam Clean believes that even if you’re outside of our service area, we still believe it is our duty to help you find the best carpet cleaning service in your particular area. There are carpet cleaning “businesses” out there that just want to suck money out of all of their clients without even doing a satisfactory job. Here, we provide you with a checklist of what to find in a good, honest company, and what to ask the cleaning service company if you happen to find interest in them. Remember to keep this checklist handy so that you can interview any carpet cleaning company you find.

Carpet Cleaning Company Hunt Checklist:

  • Make sure the cleaning company is certified by IICRC or another reliable institution. They should be able to bring proof of their certification to your home, as well as have it on their website.

  • Check to see if the carpet cleaning company is offering a price that seems extremely low. If so, steer clear because you always get what you pay for.

  • Check to see if the carpet cleaning company hires sub-contractors. If so, they will not be able to guarantee prices or quality of service.

  • Check on customer review websites for feedback from those that have dealt with the cleaning company before. Sites like Yelp and Angie’s List are always helpful!

  • Ask if the carpet cleaning company can thoroughly clean any and all stains without question. If they say, “yes,” they are either lying or are not well-versed in the proper carpet cleaning techniques.

  • Make sure the van they have is clearly marked with a legitimate logo/contact information/website address.

  • Request for a quote for the same area twice, a few days apart, to check for consistency.

  • Professional Carpet Cleaning Services should have technicians that do not push anything the potential client doesn’t need. Take note of this when you call the company and speak to one of their representatives.

  • Take notice of how they treat you over the phone. If they’re dismissive and don’t give you their full attention, that may reflect their work ethic.