Here’s what others are saying:

Justin answered emails promptly, all the information flow was awesome. Crew showed up early, very professional, good pricing, perfect job. Highly recommended!
Thanks guys!

~ Edward L.

I’ve been with Yelp for 3 years but this is only my second ever review since I’m short on time and hard to please. I’m pleased today! SoCal Steam Clean came to my home this morning and did such a fabulous job, I had to spread the word!

~ Philip V.

I needed an emergency cleaning and someone suggested SoCal. Justin came to the rescue and did an amazing job!! There was no pressure with other rooms. After his first visit, I had SoCal come in yearly for a maintenance carpet clean. Justin is very careful and makes sure he takes care of our home.

~ Sue M.

Socal SC is best carpet cleaning company i had dealt with.
I had little fluid in my house a couple weeks ago.
I have contacted them via email. Justin answered promptly, and we set up appointment for a next day.
My crew showed up on time. Did the best carpet cleaning ever.

My carpet looks like new, with no visible consequences of my fluid.

I hope I will not need their service any more, but i I have to, I know what the best phone number is.

~ Drew D.

Moved in to a new place with tile flooring. I searched for a few places online and decided to go with SoCal Steam Clean. They were on time and finished the job at the price quoted. I was shocked at how clean the floors looked when they were finished. I highly recommend them.

~ J J

We used SoCal Steam Clean again and not disappointed! They were fantastic. Quoted and scheduled our entire house with Justin via text message, sounds strange, but so convenient and honest. The cleaner, Joe, called me 45 minutes prior to appointment just to confirm and was prompt. They protect your floors, corners and wear shoe booties while cleaning. Quick, friendly, professional. Joe was great. Easy payment method, they use the Square to swipe your card and email you a receipt. Highly recommend-stop searching and use them!

~ Madalyn W.

If a business consistently receives five star reviews from their customers, you know they must have done something right. That is how I decided to try SoCal Steam Clean after reading all those wonderful Yelp reviews about them.

I was right. They did everything superb just as all the other customers praised them for: prompt response to questions and inquiries, on-time arrival at the job site, attention to details in doing the cleaning….In the end, the carpet was as clean as it could possibly be, and the customer, myself, cannot be more satisfied. A comment from my family: “If they can please you, an always perfectionist, they should be able to please everyone else.”

Still, I did not see the need to post a Yelp review since I did not have more than what’s already out there to add. Not until last week! I called Justin to try to schedule a cleaning for my other rental house weeks after Josh did the first job for me. I already felt very comfortable to talk to Justin so I discussed with him more about the conditions of the carpet: very high quality and expensive carpet but now with stains and odors from pets. Treating my problem as if it was his own, Justin offered to send Josh free of charge to go examine the carpet and see if it can be rescued. Josh brought several pictures of the carpet back to Justin and two of them evaluated the pros and cons of all the options. In the end, they recommended to have the carpet replaced. Although that means I will have to spend thousands of more dollars to take care of the carpet, I am convinced that is a right thing for me to do.

More than one time I was wondering why so many Justin’s customers are willing to spend time to write their Yelp reviews about Justin and his crews. Now I know why. It’s not only they get their job done professionally but also they are willing to go beyond and do whatever they can to help their customers that differentiate them from all the other five star carpet cleaning services.

Try SoCal steam cleaning and see if you would agree with me…..

~ J Z.

SoCal Steam Clean contacted me right after the review was posted. They apologized for the referral and offered to make it right. Although I don’t need any carpet cleaning services right now, they will be the ones I will call in the future to have it done. They were very understanding and professional with their response.
The other company was also very responsive and professional. I would now have no problem calling them if needed for carpet cleaning services.

~ Marco P.

I contacted SoCal to see if they would come out this week to clean the carpets in a condo rental I just moved into. Unfortunately, they were booked until June. -Understandable based on their reviews.

4 Stars to SoCal for their awesome customer service! SoCal provided a quick turn-around on all email communications. SoCal even referred me to another company. Happy to report their referral is able to clean the carpets this week. Also happy to see that reviews for their referral are 5 star rated as well.

Thanks, SoCal for your great customer service!

~ A A

I highly recommend this company for both carpet and tile. They are super friendly, professional, and just overall, great customer service! My carpet and tile look amazing and there is no residue left over. I will definitely use them again and refer them to friends and family.

~ Marie E.

Great experience! When I first emailed them, they responded immediately. They answered all questions. Their customer service was a++++. They definitely take the best care of their customers.

Justin and Josh came to do the job. They were extremely thorough and did a great job cleaning all the carpets and the couches. They weren’t pushy at all. I had asked about getting the couches cleaned and they said that when they came, they would do a test spot and give me a quote. They said that if I wanted to get them cleaned, they would do it that day or I could make a future appointment. They were so awesome that I decided to get them done that day. Thank you SoCal Steam Clean!!! I will recommend you to all of my friends!

~ Erika M.

Service as great and fast as other reviews say. The cleaner threw in 4 dining chairs cleaned for not much more. Def recommend.

~ Susan P.

Great service & great price! I used Socal because of all the wonderful reviews and they lived up to expectations. Justin did not try to sell me anything extra for spot treating or finishing (as all the past cleaners have) and my carpet and grout came out beautifully!
He was on time and very professional and courteous.
I will use them again.

~ Judy P.

I have used SoCal steam clean twice for the office, and twice for my home. At work, the office is 25,000 square feet. They’ve cleaned the floors, cubicles, and chairs and have done a phenomenal job.

My recent experience was on June 18th, 2012. I moved out of my rental home on the 15th of June, and they came in on Monday to steam clean the carpets. They did a great job as always. Prompt, fast, efficient and great job. Couldn’t ask for more.

~ Judi M.

I’ve been with Yelp for 3 years but this is only my second ever review since I’m short on time and hard to please. I’m pleased today! SoCal Steam Clean came to my home this morning and did such a fabulous job, I had to spread the word!

Two weeks ago, I emailed a request for bids from 3 carpet cleaners (all via Yelp reviews) and SoCal came in with the best price. Though lowest price doesn’t always mean the highest results, I gave them a shot because of all the excellent Yelp reviews. I figure if 137 out of 141 people would give this outfit 5 stars, they must be on to something.

My pre-appointment questions via email were answered timely and thoroughly. Justin (owner/operator) showed up on time as promised. He gave me a price quote that was lower than the other 2 bidders with no hidden fees. They used corner shields to protect the moldings, drop clothes for their lines, and booties for their shoes. We don’t allow shoes in the house so this was AWESOME! They also left me a few pairs of too! When they were done my carpet looked brand new and they didn’t leave it soaking wet like an outfit I used last time. As I write this review 4 hours later, my carpet is 99% dry and I’m getting ready to move back some furniture.

THE BEST PART: When Justin was doing the measurement for the price quote, I forgot to mention I wanted an under-the-stairs closet cleaned as well as a large welcome mat in the garage. He ended up cleaning both of these for me free of charge though I told him I was willing to pay for it. Seriously, my annual carpet cleaning project might be changed to every 6 months now that I’ve found carpet cleaning gold!

WARNING: We wary of the 1 star reviewer on 1/5/2013. I see 3 red flags: 1) They gave 1 star complaining about tubs that damaged their molding. From my personal experience today, SoCal doesn’t use any “tubs” and all moldings were protected by corner shields as mentioned above. 2) This reviewer immediately gave 5 stars to another competing carpet cleaning company. 3) The reviewer created a Yelp account within the last week!

~ Philip V.


I chose to use this company because of the YELP reviews and Im glad I did. They were on time, (even called to see if I wanted them to come early), professional, and did an immaculate job on the carpet. I will definitely use their services again!!!!

~ Jessica M.