Pet stains can be the most unpredictable stains when it comes to carpet cleaning. It routine for me to hear from my customers, “the stains just come back”. yes they do but why? When your pet has an accident, the urine being a surfactant will penetrate the carpet and absorb straight into the pad.

Once this happens the owner usually will think they got it all up by pressure blotting the spot but in reality the urine is being pressed deeper into the pad like a sponge. Eventually the urine will go through a natural evaporation process and wick up to the surface.

Most carpet cleaners will come in and clean the carpet And spray on a “pet treatment”. Sometimes that just not enough especially if the spray isn’t addressing the contamination in the padding. Within days the stain resurfaces and the client isn’t very happy knowing they paid for a pet treatment and received minimal results.

Here at Socal Steam Clean, we address the stain from top to bottom by saturating the affected area with a natural enzyme that counteracts the odor and neutralizes the stain. Once the product has Taken full action we use a sub floor extraction system to remove the treatment along with the pet contamination. Give us a call and try us out. You won’t be disappointed.

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