Del mar is a beautiful area to live in but being so close to the ocean, you can expect to get more soot and salt in the air than usual. Over a period of time, the air circulating in your home will contain tiny deposits accumulating in the air and build up in your carpets.

If you’re wondering why your carpets get dirty so fast even after a carpet cleaning service, the reason is location. The closer you are the the beach or freeways, the more deposits you can expect to enter your home. To prevent this from occurring, here are a few simple tips.

  1. Vacuum once at least week

  2. Keep your windows shut where there is aggressive winds.

  3. Be sure there is proper insulation at the bottom of main entry doors and sliding doors.

  4. Change your hvac filters regularly so your not circulating any air born deposits that will eventually land onto your carpets.

Follow these simple tips and you can be sure to expect less outdoor air born material in your carpets.

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