Upgrade Your Vacuum


If you’re allergies are getting worse while in your home, the cause can be rooted to your vacuum. The problem may be that you’re not vacuuming your home often enough (once a week is the minimum) or your vacuum is an older model that needs to be upgraded.

If you have an older vacuum, it’s quite possible that the model you have may not be working as well as it used to. The older vacuum you have may be releasing more dust, dander and bacteria than it is removing. What happens with some of the older vacuums is that the vacuum will pull in the particles and dirt out of your carpet and release them back into the air. The efficiency of the vacuum really all depends on the brand and age. It’s been said time and time again, but you truly do get what you pay for. Tests show that older vacuums and cheaper models release most dust and bacteria back into the air.

In reality, all vacuums release at least some dust and bacteria back into the air, and there’s no escaping that. This doesn’t mean vacuuming is a bad thing to do; it’s still very effective and is one of the best things to do to reduce air borne particles and improve your home environment. The key is to use a well-reviewed vacuum made by a reliable brand. So if you have an older or cheaper model, shell out the money to upgrade your vacuum.

In addition, you can do other things to reduce dust and debris in your home, such as washing throw rugs in hot water, replacing carpet with wooden floors and cleaning behind your furniture. Also something to note: vacuums with HEPA filters perform nearly the same as vacuums without HEPA filters.

Getting Rugs For Your Home


Even if your wallet is feeling a little thin, you can still buy quality rugs for your home. There are cheap area rugs that are everywhere if you search for them, helping you add a nice little accent to any one of the rooms in your home. Search for discounts or go to stores with only discounted items and you’ll end up finding a variety of rugs to pick and choose.

When you find a few rugs that match your style, make sure that you know where you’ll be placing the rugs and how large the spaces for the rugs are. Even before you go out the door, make sure to measure the area for the rugs to get the appropriate rug sizes. Take note of the color scheme of the room as well, making sure you choose rugs that compliment the color of the room. Snap a picture or two of the rooms you plan on upgrading with rugs. This will save you from questioning yourself when you find a rug that might work, but don’t quite remember the exact color of the room. Make sure the rugs are functional, as well as it stylishly fits your particular living space.

Remember that most rugs are made of synthetic materials, meaning they can easily be cleaned. Make sure to vacuum the rugs normally, as you would your carpets (about once a week, depending on how often people step around the room). While vacuuming, be careful not to vacuum the fringes on the ends of the rug. Every once in a while, you should also shampoo your carpet to extend its life. You can also buy padding to place underneath the rug, preventing the rug from slipping. Some rugs come with padding, so make sure to check before you purchase the rug.