Getting Rid of Reappearing Spots

There are spots, and then there are annoying spots that magically reappear even after you clean them. Theses bad boys can be a pain in the behind, but if you know how to clean them properly, you can stop their reappearing act.

One of the major causes of this problem is called “wicking.” Wicking happens when there’s a large amount of liquid that causes the spot. This could happen with urine, soda spills or any other spill with a large volume of liquid where the liquid saturates the carpet and gets to the backing of the carpet or through to the pad. Over time the liquid will make its way up to the top of the fibers, and voila, the stain reappears.  If you have your carpets professionally cleaned, then this wicking problem is not very likely to happen.

Another major cause of reappearing spots is called residue spots. Residue spots are leftover residue that’s left from the spot itself or from the cleaning agent. This happens when oily residues occur, like with lotions, adhesive or from improper cleaning.  It’s not quite visible on its own, but dirt and dust stick to the area, making it a visible spot that a vacuum can’t pick up. Use proper and aggressive spot cleaning techniques to get rid of residue spots.

Remember that most of these reappearing spots can be removed by professional carpet cleaners; however, if they are permanent, a legitimate carpet cleaning business will tell you up front that there’s a chance the spot will not be removed.

Cleaning Up Candy Stains

If you have kids, then you know your kids just can’t seem to keep food in their mouths, especially candy! The worst place they can spill the candy is on your precious carpet. Candy contains a variety of dies and plenty of sugar to make it a hassle to get off carpets. If sticky candy lands on your synthetic or wool carpet, DO NOT just rip it off, as the carpet fibers will rip.

First of all, if you have a sticky piece of candy stuck to your carpet, you’ll need to scrape it off with something like a butter knife. Scrape off as much of the sticky candy off the carpet as you can. Once you’re done carefully scraping off as much of the candy as you can, continue the cleaning procedure by blotting the area with a wet paper towel. Next, you will need to use a clean cloth dipped in distilled white vinegar. The vinegar will help in dissolving the remainder of the sticky candy residue.

At this point, the candy should be removed from the carpet. You should then flush the newly cleaned patch of carpet with water, and just allow the area to dry at its own pace. Remember that store-bought house-cleaners can also help get off sticky candy stains. Once your kids get older, print out guidelines of how to clean spills/stains and slap it on their bedroom door!

Outdoor Kitchen Tips

outdoor kitchen tips

An outdoor kitchen is one of the coolest things to have outside your home, especially during the summer. It’s the perfect compliment to a pool and it makes grilling manly steaks, burgers and hot dogs that much better. For those that have an outdoor kitchen already, I’ll be talking about some tips to sprucing up your outdoor kitchen.

Almost anything that can be added to an indoor kitchen can be added to an outdoor kitchen. Anything from a refrigerator, to cabinets, to grills and sinks can be added; however, there must be something done to all of these additions: they must be made waterproof! Concerning the grill, you can have one custom made or you can pick out an already-made BBQ grill for a fairly reasonable price. Throw in some skewers and you’re all set.

When you’re thinking about flooring options for an outdoor kitchen area, you need to pick an option that isn’t too slick so stay away from marble and tile floors for the outdoor kitchen area. You will also need to add storage areas and cabinet space, as well as counter top space. The most popular choices for the counter tops are either stone or brick counter tops. All the storage areas need to be waterproof so they can hold up in bad weather conditions. The best choice for storage space is stainless steel, since wood will rot. You may also purchase and overhead covering for your grill to make the grilling easier. For your sink, the best choices are stainless steel or ceramic and your home water supply can be connected to the outdoor sink or done so with a hose.