Benefits of Mulch

benefits of mulch

Most people don’t think about mulch too much, but mulch can do wonders for your garden and front yard. There’s a variety of mulch and the different types of mulch should be used for specific garden settings. Mulch is especially crucial if you have a vegetable garden or are planning to create one. Below are several benefits of mulch, highlighting the positives of the not-so-talked-about garden asset.

  1. Mulch is a great defender. It helps plants maintain their moisture, but only if there’s the right amount of mulch added because the plants will rot if there’s too much mulch.

  2. Mulch can also protect plants and vegetables from the harmful effects of the sun because it keeps the water in the soil and slows the evaporation process.

  3. Mulch can add nutrients back into the soil, helping the growth of vegetables.

  4. Mulch will act as a barrier between the plants and the ground, reducing the risk of health dangers.

Different types of Mulch:

  • Composted mulch is great for gardens because it adds nutrients to the soil

  • Straw mulch is great because it’s light weight. This light weight keeps plants from rotting at the base.

As you are applying mulch in your garden, be sure to cover the soil so you’re unable to see any of it below. A coating of about 2-4 inches is good enough. If you’re using light mulch, use a thicker layer, and the opposite goes for heavier mulch. Mulch helps gardens in general by keeping the plants and vegetables healthy and will help your garden grow strong.

Carpet Cleaning Benefits

carpet protector

There are many reasons why your carpet needs to be professionally cleaned on a normal schedule, with some reasons being obvious and some not. Besides the carpets getting a deep clean, there are other benefits to professional carpet cleaning that the light may not shine on.

First, there’s the increase of the durability of your carpet. Dust and debris build up on your carpet, breaking down carpet fibers. On top of that, warm weather will wear the carpet out even more. Professional carpet cleaning lifts out the destructive particles of the carpet, increasing the life of the carpet. Replacing the carpet is a lot more expensive than getting it professionally cleaned.

In addition, the atmosphere of your entire home will be healthier for you, your family and your friends. The allergy triggering particles in the carpet will be lifted from the carpet, purifying the air in your home. Not only will the carpet be cleaned, the carpet will also be deodorized if you request for it, giving your home a pleasant smell. This will add a nice fragrance to your house, adding to the clean feel.

Doing your own carpet cleaning, like vacuuming once every week, is fantastic but it’s really not enough. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to steam clean your carpets is important. If you rely on DIY home-cleaning alone, then there will be many particles, debris and stains that will be left behind. If these stains and particles are left behind, then they will cause allergic reactions and will continue to get worse, until they can’t be removed. The combination of DIY carpet cleaning and professional carpet cleaning will save you money and improve the health of your home.