Getting Rid of Bacteria

Family, pets, and kids, along with yourself, contribute to all the bacteria and mess on your floors and carpets. Stains are bound to happen, but there are proper ways to get rid of those stains and get rid of most of the bacteria. First of all, you should use a non-toxic antibacterial solution, just like professional carpet cleaners use.

After you clean up after accidental messes or stains, there are still microorganisms that can’t be seen by the human eye. You should use a non-toxic antibacterial solution, and you can make a very effective one yourself at home. Get two cups of baking soda and mix it with one cup of vinegar in order to make a paste. Vinegar is an antimicrobial substance, and baking powder is, of course, a universal cleaner that can has a variety of uses, including deodorization. Before you use the mix, test it out on a small piece of your carpet first. Then, you can rub in the solution in a circular motion on the stained area with a clean white cloth. Let it sit for a couple of hours to do its magic. When the liquid has evaporated, you can vacuum the area.

Antimicrobial solutions are great at helping to get rid of mildew, urine, bacteria, sewage, contaminants, and water damage. If bacteria in your home aren’t cleaned up, it can severely affect your skin, allergies, and make you more susceptible to illnesses. You don’t even have to limit the antimicrobial solution to just your carpet, as you can use it anywhere in your home, such as your kitchen tile, upholsteries (check first to see if it won’t ruin it), couches, fabrics, etc.

Carpet Cleaning Benefits

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There are many reasons why your carpet needs to be professionally cleaned on a normal schedule, with some reasons being obvious and some not. Besides the carpets getting a deep clean, there are other benefits to professional carpet cleaning that the light may not shine on.

First, there’s the increase of the durability of your carpet. Dust and debris build up on your carpet, breaking down carpet fibers. On top of that, warm weather will wear the carpet out even more. Professional carpet cleaning lifts out the destructive particles of the carpet, increasing the life of the carpet. Replacing the carpet is a lot more expensive than getting it professionally cleaned.

In addition, the atmosphere of your entire home will be healthier for you, your family and your friends. The allergy triggering particles in the carpet will be lifted from the carpet, purifying the air in your home. Not only will the carpet be cleaned, the carpet will also be deodorized if you request for it, giving your home a pleasant smell. This will add a nice fragrance to your house, adding to the clean feel.

Doing your own carpet cleaning, like vacuuming once every week, is fantastic but it’s really not enough. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to steam clean your carpets is important. If you rely on DIY home-cleaning alone, then there will be many particles, debris and stains that will be left behind. If these stains and particles are left behind, then they will cause allergic reactions and will continue to get worse, until they can’t be removed. The combination of DIY carpet cleaning and professional carpet cleaning will save you money and improve the health of your home.