During the summer time, bugs tend to invade your home more frequently. It’s not just indoors, as they can also ruin your backyard BBQs, especially those pesky mosquitoes. There are wasps, bees, hornets, and other bugs that can sting you, and then there are the mosquitoes, fleas and ticks that can carry diseases.

Just like human beings, bugs need food, shelter and water to survive. Here are some tips on how to keep bugs out of your home, as well as out of your backyard:

Seal Your Home: Seal the cracks, holes and doors of your home. You can install an aluminum or steel threshold under your door. You can also look for cracks in your foundation or on your roof and seal them up properly. Holes on the roof are commonly found around the chimney or roof vents.

Keep Up with Yard Work: Keep your yard maintained to decrease the chance of bug infestations. Bugs like mosquitoes need water to breed, so get rid of pools or puddles of water in your yard. Make sure your yard is cleaned at least once a week.

Clean Clutter: A dirty, cluttered home is the perfect place for bugs to live, as it’s easier for them to hide and breed. Insects need nesting places, so the clutter needs to be cleaned up. You can also limit your food consumption to just one room, to avoid crumbs and spills around the house. In addition, you should wash your dishes immediately and put them in the dishwasher, as well as store your trash properly.

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