Does your kitchen look small and insignificant? Well, if you’re a guy then you probably don’t really care; however, if your wife or lady-friend wants you to spruce it up then we’ve got some tips for you! Just like a movie or TV set, there are plenty of tricks that can make a room look bigger.

Here are just several tips that you can use to make your kitchen look larger:

  1. Replacing the cabinet doors with glass doors will help the eye focus into the cabinet, giving more depth to the wall.

  2. If you paint your kitchen walls white, you’ll definitely make your kitchen seem to look bigger than it really is. It will give a sense of “space” in the room by reflecting more light.

  3. Instead of always using artificial light, let it more natural light.

  4. Geometric angles and clean lines for surface areas of the kitchen will make the kitchen look bigger.

  5. There are particular floor patterns that will make the floor look longer and wider. For example, over-sized diamonds with diagonal lines will allow the eye to follow a longer path.

  6. This is the most simple one: cleaning up the clutter in the kitchen! It’s simple, but it can be severely overlooked.

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