Benefits of the Extraction Machine

Why choose Socal Steam Clean?

Vacuuming is good for your carpets, but vacuums, along with other preventative measures you take to keep your carpets looking good, is never enough. Deep extraction cleaning will take care of everything else that vacuuming and other do-it-yourself methods will miss. Additionally, renting a extraction machine isn’t going to cut it as well, since the extraction machines used by professional carpet cleaners are just that much better. Extraction machines that can be rented only do surface cleaning, and nothing more.

Extraction machines used by professional carpet cleaners are designed for deep stain removal, giving your carpets a longer life and keeping it looking new longer. These machines allow for a deep clean, using a specific cleaning solution, giving your carpets the best clean ever without damaging it.

A problem with using rented extraction machines is the possibility of using too much water. Using a lot of water may be very bad, as well as damaging, for your carpets. This will lead to the development of mold and mildew. A top-notch extraction machine will be able to remove a lot of the moisture and water from the carpets. The dirty water with all the contaminants will be removed from your carpet with ease, and the professional carpet cleaners will know just how to operate the extraction machine.

The extraction machine is extremely effective in lifting dirt and debris from the carpet, as well as the moisture, but it is also gentle enough to not damage the fibers of your carpet. Rented extraction machines are probably not checked as frequently, and so you may get a faulty extraction machine that may permanently damage your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners check their equipment frequently enough that they can make the right fixes to their extraction machine before it does any potential damage to their clients’ carpets.

Carpet Cleaning D.I.Y. Tips

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Carpet flooring is by far a favorite for homeowners because there are quite a few advantages it has over tile or wooden flooring. No matter what look you are going for, carpet flooring can make a home look just right. There’s extra comfort in carpets, especially when you’re walking around barefoot, and it provides more warmth than other types of flooring.

The negative about having carpet flooring is the stains. Accidents happen all the time, and tiny spills here and there can build up and become unappealing to the eye, as well as it can become a hazard to the atmosphere of your home. Once a spill happens, you must act upon it immediately, blotting out the stain the best you can with cleaners. A weekly vacuuming of the carpet is also a plus. For areas that aren’t used as frequently, vacuum once a week. For areas that are used often, try to vacuum them twice a week. There are also tips and tricks you can learn to lift particular types of stains.


Wine stains need to be cleaned with cold water and salt before being vacuumed. Acid stains need to be cleaned with baking soda, cold water and club soda. Both need to be blotted and not rubbed in.

If your carpets meet a flood or water damage, make sure you have your carpets serviced by a certified and trusted carpet cleaning company. If you attempt to clean up the flood damage, you will more than likely miss spots that can create mold and mildew. In addition, you should have major pet stains or burned parts cleaned up by professionals as well.

If you have plush carpeting, make sure to vacuum the carpet at least twice. Once through will not be enough for a plush type of carpet. For areas with heavy traffic, make sure to go over the carpet in a criss-cross pattern and go over them several times. Make sure to clean your carpets well, and they’ll have a long life.

Cleaning Tips for Moving Out of a House

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Are you moving out of your house? Then you’ll probably be doing some heavy duty cleaning of the house you’re moving out of. Restoring the house you’re moving out of to be just as clean as before you moved into it may be a long process. Make a checklist of the areas you have to clean before you leave, and also make a checklist of the things you have to clean in your new home.

Make sure you check with your landlord to see if he/she has made note of what condition the house was in to check for any specific areas you may need to restore. If you hire a cleaning service, make sure that they only do what needs to be done, and don’t do any extra services that aren’t needed. If you leave the house in good condition, your security deposit will be returned.

There are many areas of the house that may need special cleaning attention. The kitchen can become difficult to clean because it gets a lot of wear and tear due to high usage. The kitchen’s appliances, such as the exhaust fan, will also need to be thoroughly cleaned. Cooking with oil and grease is common in a kitchen, causing a layer of grease to develop on the nearby windows and walls, so make sure to look out for those pesky stains.

Another area that will probably require a significant amount of time is the bathroom(s). Bathrooms never go through a long enough period of rest time to stay clean. Tubs, toilets, showers and sinks will need to be scrubbed well with a proficient bathroom cleaner. Make sure to clean the tiles as well, and also clean and whiten the grout. The medicine cabinets will also need to be cleaned out and wiped down.

Something that goes unnoticed in cleaning a house/apartment/condo that you’re moving out of is the walls. Walls get scuffed from furniture, stained from food, beverages or oil, and get bumped into by toys and what not, so making sure the walls are clean and patched up is also important. Fill the small holes, where pictures were hung, with wall filler. If there’s a bigger hole, wall-filler works as well, but you will need to re-paint the area. Clean away scuffmarks with a light mix of scouring powder and water.

Make sure to plan out what you need to restore and how you’ll going about restoring it.