Carpet cleaning is important to your home, whether you do it yourself or hire carpet cleaning professionals. The most effective way to avoid excessive carpet cleaning from professionals is to always vacuum regularly. Don’t see anything in your carpet? Even if it looks clean, you should still vacuum your carpet because it is always collecting dust and dirt that will build up if you don’t stick with a good vacuum routine.

Try moving a piece of furniture just enough so you can see what’s underneath. The carpet underneath the furniture, compared to the part of the carpet that’s out in the open will probably look a lot cleaner. Moving a piece of furniture to look at the carpet underneath is a good reminder to stay on task with vacuuming when you think your carpet is clean.

Dirt will settle into your carpets daily, even if you can’t see it. If these dust particles aren’t sucked up by your vacuum, they will sink deeper into your carpet fibers, and the moisture in the air will dampen the dust particles, making them stick to the fibers and they will eventually become part of the carpet. Finally, when you decide to vacuum your carpet, these particles will be a lot harder to suck up.

Vacuum your carpets at least once a week. Although this may seem slightly impossible, as we all have very busy schedules, it is vital to saving money and keeping a home healthy.

Although vacuuming weekly is a great practice, we can’t keep our carpets looking brand new all the time. Regular professional carpet cleaning should be done to keep carpets from absorbing so much dirt that removing the dirt is near impossible. Hiring a professional cleaning carpet service every 6-12 months is suggested.

Alternating is also a good idea. After 6 months, hire professional cleaners to give your carpets a good, deep clean. Then, after another 6 months clean your carpets thoroughly yourself.

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