spring cleaning

Bug proofing your home is something that most people don’t think about doing. A variety of bugs are potential dangerous, as they can sting you, and certain bugs like mosquitoes, fleas and ticks, can carry diseases. There are some very basic steps that you may take in keeping bugs out of your home.

  1. Seal Your Home: It’s as simple as that. Seal cracks, holes and spaces underneath your doors. Additionally, it’s also important to seal up the holes or cracks on your roof. There are holes commonly found on the chimney or roof vents, so don’t miss them! Insects are pesky little things that can get into your home, so take the proper precautions to keep them out.

  2. Yard Maintenance: Keeping your yard maintained is important to lower your bug infestations. Bugs, especially mosquitoes, need a water supply so getting rid of puddles of water in your yard is also a good way to stop infestations.

  3. Clean Your Home: This is pretty logical, as a home that is cleaned weekly will maintain the health of the home. A dirty home is an ideal place for insect breeding, as there will be plenty of places to hide for the bugs. In addition, keeping your eating areas/rooms to a minimum will also help keep bugs from spreading. Make sure you clean up your eating area every time after you eat, and don’t ignore those crumbs!

  4. Store Your Trash: Your bags of trash are another ideal place for insects to hide and breed. The most popular insect found in trash bags are cockroaches. Trash needs to be put in a proper container, and placed outside every night. Trash containers must also be cleaned regularly.

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