From small area rugs to wall-to-wall carpeting, there’s a wide variety of carpets out there for homeowners to choose from. Sometimes the variety of rugs and carpets can be overwhelming, especially if you want to flex your home décor skills. Each new color is an opportunity for a bad choice, as you want to look for a rug or carpet that will hold the room together nicely.

The rug or carpet of your choice should match the existing color scheme you have in your home or office, but if you don’t trust your own judgment, stick to dark colored rugs. They blend in well with most colors and they are becoming somewhat of a trend.

Spanish and Mediterranean styles are good examples of décor style that will mesh well with plenty of bright colors, making the colors pop. On their own, they are easy on the eyes. Dark colored rugs and carpets maintain their look longer, so you’ll be getting the best quality for your money.

Dark colors, such as dark green, navy blue, burgundy or black, are great rug colors because they are practical. The darker the rug, the less it will look dirty, and if something accidentally spills on the rug, there’s a less likely chance the stain will be noticeable.

Dark colored rugs also last longer because of they carry more fabric and because they have a very thick material. Although your dark colored rug/carpet won’t reveal stains, proper cleaning and maintenance is still a must.

Also, when a soft pattern in a light color is mixed into the dark rug/carpet, the effect is amazing, making the rug/carpet the focal point of the room or office.

The only drawback to dark rugs/carpets is that floral, oriental and Flokati rugs are only made in bright colors.

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