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There are so many cheap carpet cleaning coupons that go around Rancho Bernardo and other san diego homes by Flyers or mail in’s. Have you ever wondered how it is possible for a business to stay in business by providing a carpet cleaning service for less than $100.00?


Well it isn’t! The secret to this tactic is called bait and switch. Basically to advertise a special rate to bait you in to call them and once they arrive at the job they add- on service, sell extra products that should have already been included and switch your total bill that was suppose to be $35.00 to $350.00! These types of businesses stay in business by taking advantage of the people who are uneducated in this trade. Be carful with who you choose when it comes to carpet cleaning. San Diego is home to many of these unscrupulous cleaners.


With SoCal Steam Clean you can be sure to get an over the phone quote and pay that exact price by the end of the service GUARANTEED!


If you live in Rancho Bernardo, 4s Ranch, Rancho Santa Fe, or any other area in San Diego give us a call!

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Justin answered emails promptly, all the information flow was awesome. Crew showed up early, very professional, good pricing, perfect job. Highly recommended!Thanks guys! Edward L.
I’ve been with Yelp for 3 years but this is only my second ever review since I’m short on time and hard to please. I’m pleased today! SoCal Steam Clean came to my home this morning a... Philip V.
I needed an emergency cleaning and someone suggested SoCal. Justin came to the rescue and did an amazing job!! There was no pressure with other rooms. After his first visit, I had SoCal come in yearly... Sue M.
Socal SC is best carpet cleaning company i had dealt with.I had little fluid in my house a couple weeks ago.I have contacted them via email. Justin answered promptly, and we set up appointment for a ... Drew D.
Moved in to a new place with tile flooring. I searched for a few places online and decided to go with SoCal Steam Clean. They were on time and finished the job at the price quoted. I was shocked at ho... J J
We used SoCal Steam Clean again and not disappointed! They were fantastic. Quoted and scheduled our entire house with Justin via text message, sounds strange, but so convenient and honest. The cleaner... Madalyn W.
If a business consistently receives five star reviews from their customers, you know they must have done something right. That is how I decided to try SoCal Steam Clean after reading all those wonderf... J Z.
SoCal Steam Clean contacted me right after the review was posted. They apologized for the referral and offered to make it right. Although I don’t need any carpet cleaning services right now, the... Marco P.
I contacted SoCal to see if they would come out this week to clean the carpets in a condo rental I just moved into. Unfortunately, they were booked until June. -Understandable based on their reviews... A A
I highly recommend this company for both carpet and tile. They are super friendly, professional, and just overall, great customer service! My carpet and tile look amazing and there is no residue left ... Marie E.
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